Guidelines for Prayer During Fasting

  Guidelines for Prayer During Fasting  
Prayer for All (1Tim 2:1-4)
  • Take time to worship God for who He is, giving thanks for all things.
  • For families (husbands, wives, children). Mention those you know by name before God.
  • Kings and those in authority- president, Governors, Senators, Mayors, and all decision makers.
  • God to intervene in our nation. The economy, public and private sectors, etc.
The work of ministry (Col 4:2-4, Eph 6:18-20)
  • God to open door for the Word.
  • All the provisions for the work to manifest, including place of worship, equipments, lands, houses, etc.
  • God to send laborers and connect us to the people he elected for this work.
  • Favor with man.
Revival in our region to spread to the nations (Psa 85:6-7, Hab3:2)
  • God to set our hearts on fire.
  • Hunger for the deep things of God.
  • Conviction of sin and salvation of souls.
  • Anointing on ministers and the Word.
  • Manifestation of gifts of the Spirit.
Spiritual Warfare (Mark3:27, Eph 6:10-20, 2Cor 10:4-6)
  • Bind the prince of the region.
  • Fight the spirit of complacency on believers.
  • Break the power of unbelief.
  • Overthrow the power of witchcraft, sorcery, and false religion.
  • Break the power of divination and deceptions.
  • Loose captives.
  • Possess territories.
  • Make declarations in the spiritual realms.
For the Healing Service
  • Release multitudes to come, especially those who are unbelievers. Pray for their salvation.
  • Ask God to send those He ordained for healing and deliverance to the glory of his name.
  • Release the power of God for miracles, signs, and wonders.
  • Pray for an atmosphere of faith to prevail in the meeting and in our region. Break the spirit of unbelief which hinders the flow of miracles.
  • Pray for anointing on Pastor Mwachia and those who will be ministering with him.
  • Pray for the provision of praise and worship team and anointing on them to lead us into the manifest presence of God.
  • Pray for all the publicity methods that we will be using. Ask that many people will be reached in a supernatural way through the different means of advertisement.
  • Pray for the unity of the church and that other ministers will be touched to be involved. Break the spirit of denominationalism that will want to hinder those needing help from coming.
  • God will reveal the plan of how He wants to the meeting to be conducted.
  • Hedge of protection around all the workers.